Hello everyone
We are ready to a new activation in 3A
We have set the period May 27-30

The tests are made difficult by the heavy restrictions due to COVID-19 which do not allow the team to be able to meet in person.
This time we hope to be able to be very performing in digital mode by dedicating one of the radios exclusively to FT8, we will scrupulously follow the instructions to operate in Fox / Hound mode, furthermore we have realized that not everyone (including us) still knows how to use FT8 perfectly, so we will try to provide precise information on how to set the program hoping that they will be perceived by everyone, our intent is to be on the air 24 hours a day to contact as many stations as possible from all continents.

Ham Radio - Shack

Radio: IC7600, IC7610, IC756 PRO-III, 2 x IC7300.

Antennas: Vertical Hoxin multiband HB-250B, Vertical 40Mt (home made by IU1KBL), Cubica 1 element and Moxon 2 elem 6Mt (home made by IU1JXW), Butternut vert. 40/80 by IK1YDB, dipole 40/80 and n°2 long wire multiband 10/160 mt (home made by IU1JXW).

Antenna Tuners: PALSTAR AT1500CV, MFJ-962D.

Power supplies: 4x from 30 to 160 A

JH1AJT Zorro

Special thanks to my great friend JH1AJT Zorro who is collaborating with me for the success of the activation !!


QSL: LOtW or direct P.O.BOX 25
BUSALLA 16012 (GE)

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IW1RBI Ennio

Team leader

IZ1AZA Alessandro

CW Operator

IU1KBL Gianluca

SSB, FT8 Operators
& Technical Support

IU1JXW Andrea

SSB, FT8 Operators
& Technical Support